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Music Producer, Pianist, Piano Instructor

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Welcome to my digital portfolio. My name is Zsa Zsa Jenkins. “Music is not what I do. It’s who I am.” (Music of Life Magazine Vinyl Wall Room Decan). I was born in Houston, Texas into a musical family with parents as musicians, where I began the study of piano at the age of 3. Throughout my years in high school and college, I accompanied various gospel artists as a musician, and was the Music Director of the music department at various churches in which I had the task of setting up the audio equipment before services, teaching songs to the various choirs, managing the different choirs, and providing music for the services.


I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor Degree in Applied Arts in Sciences with an emphasis in Music, Sociology, and Public Administration. Two years after graduation, I became a certified Texas Music Teacher for students in grades K-12, and taught general music as an Elementary Music Teacher in the Dallas Independent School District for six years. I specialize in building music programs, have worked with youth for 17 years, and have the experience teaching students of all ages in many different settings: private lessons, theory and early childhood classes at community music schools, extra-curricular programs at a private school, and class piano programs, as well as in summer arts camps. I attended classes at Full Sail in Recording Arts. I am currently the Chorus/Orchestra/Piano Director at Ocoee Middle School, write, produce,  and music edit for Most High King ministries.


 Music changed my life and gave me a creative outlet to express myself. My long term goal is to be a Music Supervisor for television and film. I desire to expand my Music business, Queen ZsaZsa Productions LLC, all over the world virtually. Queen ZsaZsa Productions LLC, will be a place for students who desire to be in the music industry that want to write music, learn how to play the piano, and learn music production. 


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