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I am looking forward to performing for you! Just let me know what type of performance I am going to be doing.

Click on the service below that you would like to book. Once you select the date and time you will then be directed to fill out the Booking Request form. I will respond within 24-48 hours.

Image by Jason Leung

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Book me to perform a solo performance to keep your record going.


Music enhances the auditory sense which captures the mood of an event.  Book me to ensure that the atmosphere is felt through the music.


Through music we allow our hearts to open and welcome good vibrations. Book me to perform and help lift the hearts of your parishioners through music.

Image by Ben White

Each instrument brings its own personality to a piece. Book me to add the melodious rhythm of the keys to your group's performance.

Drum Kit

Accapella is wonderful but  your students will thank you for adding  that pièce de résistance to their performance


No words  are really needed here. What's a musical without the keys? The keys can be jovial, mundane, suspenseful, tranquil... book me to bring life to your musical and let's celebrate the synchrony of movement and sound!

Theater Marquee Lights
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Church Performance (1).png
Church Performance (1).png
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